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With our patented Twinstop® system, we have developed a fall protection system that meets the highest demands and current regulations with two separate safety mechanisms. In addition, our system is tested and certified according to the current EN 353-1:2014+A1:2017.



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Customers worldwide rely on our innovative system for both small and large, local and international projects and structures.

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In the event of a malfunction, telecommunications installers must climb onto mobile radio systems at all times of the day and night. A reliable and safe fall protection system is essential for this.

MKL-Technik GmbH offers fall protection systems in various materials, including stainless steel as used for fall protection systems in the area of the mouth of industrial chimneys.

Transmitting masts for railroad radio are often located close to the track area. In addition to reliable fall protection, MKL-Technik GmbH offers further accessories such as space-saving access protection. The advantage at locations with high traffic volumes.

On high-voltage pylons, MKL-Technik GmbH offers not only the Twinstop® arrester system but also horizontal rail systems and mobile traverses, for safe and ergonomic working on the booms of high-voltage pylons.

Fall protection is also increasingly required in steel and building construction for maintenance or service work.

In wind turbines, space conditions are sometimes very tight. In addition, some of the conductors are negatively inclined, and the use of a speed-dependent system guarantees reliable operation in such installation positions. The Twinstop® fall arrester also guarantees safe operation on guide rails contaminated by oil and lubricants.

With a relatively low weight per meter, the MKL-Technik GmbH arrester system is also suitable for access on filigree poles, such as lighting poles.

Due to the robust and simple mechanics, the Twinstop® fall arrester of the MKL-Technik GmbH arrester system is also suitable for use in shafts and plants of the waste water industry as well as at inspection shafts of hydroelectric power plants, sluices, etc….

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