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human error

On such Fall Protection systems where the working function is based on a change of direction of the impact force. The direction of the force impacting the locking mechanism can be influenced or interrupted by human error in a way that the locking function of the arrester is set off. Such negative influences are:

  • working from a fall protection system without additional backup system (anchor line).
  • wrong attachment point (belly D-ring, etc.)
  • Not recognizing the 3-point-method (mind. two Hands one leg or two legs one Hand at the ladder)
  • use of non-authorised extension connector between harness and fall arrester
  • grabbing the arresting claw of the fall arrester in order to release it when passing a manhole, ladder cage etc.

During an everyday working routine, such failures can easily occur , therefore it is of paramount importance to design the fall arrester in a way, that the mechanism works independent of external impacts and such failures will not cause the system to fail, so the user stays secured.

Due to its enclosed and independent mechanism, the Twinstop® Fall Arrester works safely even in the above mentioned events and therefore provides maximum physical and mental safety for the user, as well as legal safety for the owner or employer.